Designed for kids

If prevention is key to lasting wellness and health, especially oral, then clearly there is no better time than childhood to start applying it.

Unfortunately, this is rarely done. Indeed, the required systematic prevention is seldom followed. True, a child is taken to the dentist when he or she suffers from toothache or when her parents fear her teeth might grow crooked, but a structured and complete program to ensure harmonious dentition is rarely followed. Which is the cause of most problems. If people were properly cared for as children, far fewer of them would need to see a dentist as adults. Ultimately, therefore, they would be far healthier and would avoid costly treatments.

The need for a structured prevention and treatment program for children led us to develop our "Young Smiles Protocol". The term protocol means a system with a set of specified operations. Drawing on our experience, we sought to assemble a set of proven and safe procedures that are connected to each other and which allow us to address most effectively all the issues related to childhood dental health.

The first and indispensable requirement for developing a special protocol for children is a proper institution. Our clinic includes a pediatric dentistry department which is dedicated exclusively to treating children, with a games room, special equipment and instruments and medical caregivers who are specialists not only in the type of treatment they perform but also in creating an empathic relationship with the child.  Because we know that without the cooperation of our little patients we could hardly achieve the best results.

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