Surgery and Periodontics

Expertise and technology at your service

Top-rated periodontics and oral surgery thanks to a highly specialized medical team.

Oral health is maintained here by performing a surgical treatment of the gums and teeth-supporting bones. Completing the family of oral surgery treatments, in addition to the extraction of impacted and semi-impacted teeth, surgical preparation of the mouth for prostheses and implants, are the periodontal treatments. Our medical team, with an extensive decades-long experience in surgical treatments, can offer you the best solutions to all oral problems that require surgical therapies. The use of latest-generation X-ray equipment, such as a 3D CT, allow us to accurately plan any operation.

The patient is given the opportunity to discuss with the surgeon the benefits and risks of any operation and schedule treatment times. Proper planning, combined with the latest surgical techniques, ensure the success of even the most complex operations while fully respecting the patient's health and physical and mental integrity. Following surgery patients are instructed on how they should behave and the instruments they should use in order to optimize the healing process, during which they are constantly followed up with a series of check-ups and an open helpline. The organization, experience and excellence of our staff ensure that surgery procedures will be remembered as pleasant experiences to be shared with friends and others. And this is only one of the many unique benefits our clinic offers.