Speech therapy

The importance of the tongue

Speech therapy is an essential ingredient of our orthodontic solutions.

While we mainly focus on dental health, our overall approach concerns the good functionality of the patient's entire mouth. And within it, interacting with the teeth, there is an essential organ we call 'tongue.' It is the tongue, with its movements against the teeth and palate, which performs such essential functions as swallowing and speech. This is why one of the most important professionals in our clinic is a speech therapist. The typical scope of his role is tied to orthodontics. It is not uncommon to find that certain children during an orthodontic visit have problems swallowing and speaking due to incorrect tongue posture acquired during infancy. A speech therapist focuses on tongue posture and movement in order to correct them and optimize swallowing and phonation.

This is a particularly important therapeutic aid during orthodontic operations where oral devices are being used and likely to increase the child's difficulty in swallowing and speaking. However, the role of a speech therapist is not limited to dental treatment of children: The main difficulties that adult implantology patients must face after an operation are often tied to phonation, because a new set of teeth often forces the patient to "relearn" how to speak. In general, thanks to the use of a speech therapist, we can achieve better overall therapeutic results in shorter times, by focusing not only on technology but also on the person being treated, a professional approach that is part of what makes us stand out above the others.