Essential help for a better treatment

Ours is one of few clinics in the Italian North-East licensed to perform conscious sedation.

We can thus block pain while benefiting from excellent patient collaboration. Fear and even terror felt when facing a dentist, often the result of previous unpleasant experiences, are quite common. In such cases, consulting a dentist can become a real challenge and the idea of undergoing even a minor invasive operation might seem unbearable. To help people who suffer from such conditions we have been following for some time now pharmacological protocols that eliminate anxieties and fears and allow even the most fearful to deal with necessary treatments.

Our clinic was conceived, designed and built to allow the implementation of such pharmacological protocols. Sedation is used not only to treat patients terrorized by dentists but is normally used as a valuable aid in the treatment of patients who have to undergo complex implant and oral surgery. During surgeries under sedation patients' vital signs are being continuously monitored to ensure that the operations are carried out in absolute safety. Drugs used during sedation also ensure a painless post-operation period with reduced inflammation. This is why sedation is a valuable aid also for treating patients who suffer from cardiac or respiratory conditions and need to be closely monitored during operations.