Technology and materials science for a natural smile

Dental prostheses of strictly the highest quality, to achieve an ever more natural mouth functioning and look.

Either removable or fixed, set on implants or on original teeth, a prosthesis should provide the patient with a functionality and look that are similar to their original. The long-term success and effectiveness of an artificial tooth depend on a number of factors, which must all be seriously considered: installation preparation procedures, which may include surgery or tooth devitalization; the prosthesis production method and choice of materials, such as ceramics; oral hygiene maintenance program to be closely observed following the operation.
Regarding materials, we always select the best available and test them thoroughly and methodically. Our team includes specialists in computerized production technologies whose knowledge is essential for the production of metal-free ceramic prostheses. We are most meticulous when it comes to selecting materials and solutions that are best suited to each patient's needs, financial and otherwise, while always ensuring the highest possible quality. Our goal is always to see the patient fully regaining his or her original functionality and natural look. Such approach is also exercised during each operation: Our patients are never discharged without at least a temporary prosthesis. We know all too well that a prosthesis quality can make a big difference in the quality of the patient's life.