Prevention and prophylaxes

Our most effective treatment

Prevention and prophylaxes are the cornerstones of every treatment in every section of our clinic.

If we all had practiced oral hygiene and used dental prophylaxes since birth the need for dental care would have been drastically reduced. This simple recognition is a cornerstone of our relationship with the patient, of all treatments in every section of our clinic. And though its importance is greater the younger the patient is (good habits should be acquired at the earliest possible age), its impact is crucial at any age. Prevention and the use of prophylaxes, for example, following any treatment are fundamental for the success of any therapy.
This is why we dedicate a large part of our time to motivating and educating the patient to maintain an oral hygiene, starting from his or her domestic practice, which is the basis for any preventive habits. Regarding the teeth-cleaning sessions at the clinic, the protocol calls for periodic reminders according to a schedule set up for each patient with a frequency that is never less than six months. This is the only way to maintain the results obtained by the various dental treatments. Because our true goal is not the treatment itself but the patient's health.