Pediatric Dentistry

Peace of mind that comes with a great smile right from infancy

Pediatric dentistry as a fundamental discipline, the cornerstone of a future oral health.

All teeth are very important, including milk teeth. Our pediatric dental care of children begins by informing their parents. Myths must be dispelled, bad habits avoided and cleaning and eating habits taught and encouraged, in order to avoid future damage. We recommend a first pediatric dental visit as soon as the primary dentition stage has completed. It is an important moment, as it is the first time the child meets the dentist. It must be a peaceful, relaxed meeting, affectionate, almost playful. But for us it is a crucial moment also from a care-giving point of view, because it allows us to identify early signs of abnormalities in the position of teeth and in skeletal development of the child's skull.
From here begins our corrective program, which takes into account not only the technical aspects of the treatment but also the psychological aspects that depend on the patient's personality and phases of growth, from childhood to adolescence and to adulthood. A child soon learns to understand the social importance of a beautiful smile and may be affected, also psychologically, by his or her teeth problems. This is why our clinic provides support by top-rated speech therapists and psychologists. Once a child begins to understand that the dentist is a friend, a person who is there to help him or her live a happier life now and, especially, in the future the foundations for a future of wellness would be laid and remain solid.