The confidence of a great smile, also among adults.

The most advanced orthodontic technologies allow us to offer corrective operations also to adults.

The process of maintaining healthy teeth goes through several phases and ages, the most important among them are infancy and adolescence. This explains the vital importance of pediatric dentistry, not only because of its corrective aspects but also because it offers guidance and education regarding best lifelong practices for keeping healthy and well-formed teeth. However not everyone has had the benefit – especially those who are decades past their childhood – of being followed by a dentist during infancy. But as an adult, can I still correct problems caused by malformed teeth?
Yes, absolutely. The most advanced and ever developing orthodontic technologies allow us today to offer effective corrective treatments also for adults. This is clearly one of the specialized fields of dentistry where our clinic excels and can offer top-rated results. The strength of our team, in the field of orthodontics, lies in keeping up to date with the most advanced technologies, state-of-the-art materials and new specialized treatments, combined with the desire to view the patient not as technical problem but as a person with expectations, hopes and plans for the future. An all-around approach to orthodontics that includes speech therapy as well. That is the only way we can restore, along with your smile, also your physical and mental wellbeing which comes from a well-balanced set of teeth.