A new mouth for a new life

We have been among the pioneers of oral implantology and continue to be among its leading specialists acclaimed around the world.

When it comes to dental implant operations, from the simplest to the most complex, our medical team can boast extensive experience and skills of the highest levels in Italy as well as in Europe. We can solve any mouth-related problem, guaranteeing to the patient excellent results. Behind this approach is a dental-care culture cultivated over the years and rewarded by excellent results. We were pioneers who introduced the immediate loading technique in Italy and subsequently published an internationally-acclaimed scientific study on the subject. We are leading specialists in all-on-four immediate loading treatments: we can now install complex implants in just a few hours, drastically reducing patients' discomfort.
Among the benefits we can offer are: a medical staff that has trained taking the most advanced international courses; hospital-grade technologies and equipment; top-rated and rigorously-tested materials, essential for the quality of our dental prostheses. Operation procedures, from diagnosis to postoperative care, follow the most advanced medical protocols. Fundamental and unique is the fact that medical specialists, such as an anesthetist, are part of our team. The patient and his or her physical and mental well-being are the focus of all our efforts: during the preliminary phase, when we explain and illustrate the nature of the operation, to reassure the patient and establish a mutual collaborative relationship; during surgery, seeking to cut operation times and reduce patient discomfort; during the postoperative phase, with attentive assistance, frequent checks of oral health and of implant functionality; always with simple and clear instructions on how to maintain the best oral condition, and always with a ready willingness to offer support and listen to patients.