Healing the heart of a tooth

Top-ranking endodontics for keeping and reconstructing compromised teeth.

While using latest-generation instruments for diagnosis and treatment, we try our best to keep as many as possible of your teeth where they are – in your oral cavity. Teeth have a very special and unique structure in our body. Each tooth may be divided into three parts: a thin outer shell made of enamel; an intermediate tissue made of dentin, which extends to the roots and constitutes the main part of the tooth; and finally the central volume consisting of soft tissue, through which blood vessels and nerves run and which is called pulpEnamel and dentin lack nerve endings and therefore caries can develop undisturbed in these parts of the tooth. As the decaying process develops and reaches the pulp, early pain can be felt, to later become moderate pain and finally the classic toothache when bacteria have physically reached the dental pulp.
Once the tooth pulp has been infected, the only remedy is its removal. This operation is known as tooth devitalization. Tooth devitalization requires time and special skill. Several members of the Biscaro-Poggio Clinic staff deal nearly exclusively with devitalization and reconstruction of compromised teeth. But maintaining a healthy dental hygiene and periodic visits to the dentist can help you avoid the need to undergo such devitalization treatments, because early detection of caries would require only a reconstruction of a small portion of the infected tooth without the need to enter the deeper layers.