Dental Esthetics

Beauty is an art of details

Beauty is the result of working on details and on personal features, a meticulous interpretation of the face. It is an artist's job.

Going for a cosmetic dental surgery is a choice driven by deep personal motivations, such as a wish to boost self-confidence, a desire to be appreciated and loved, to enjoy freedom to express oneself spontaneously, an ambition to succeed as well as other expectations. This explains why there is no such thing as a standard for the beauty of a smile, as such a smile would certainly seem contrived. Every smile is intimately associated with face, with a specific personality and with a way of life. Based on this recognition we have developed our approach to cosmetic dentistry: extremely personalized, attentive to a continuous dialogue with the patient, in order to best comply with his or her innermost expectations. An esthetic look is built of details, of small details, and cannot be reduced to a simple dental whitening procedure nor to an indiscriminate application of shiny veneer. It is a painstaking work of interpreting a face, where perfection – and at times a slight intentional imperfection – contribute to creating unique beauty.
You will find that most of the doctors and technicians working in our clinic are indeed artists. But art can only be exercised on a sound foundation of technical skill and technical know-how. Our staff comes from wide-ranging backgrounds of professional studies and extensive experience in cosmetic surgery of the highest level and can be joined, upon request, by a maxillofacial surgeon. Each case is dealt with absolute professionalism and attentive care, making use of the latest technologies, right from the early stage before surgery, using 3D computer imaging to allow patients to design their new faces and new smiles. To be beautiful is to be unlike any other.