Rehabilitation with porcelain veneers – the upper front teeth

Published: 1 April 2015
Categorie: Dental Esthetics

Reason for treatment

The esthetic look of the upper front teeth, rebuilt far too many times in this case, had obviously been impaired and required a thorough rehabilitation treatment.

Esthetic rehabilitation based on targeted treatment

Facing the situation shown above, our team decided to apply porcelain veneers in order to return the front teeth to their old natural splendor. Shape, size, color: these are the elements that must be closely observed during treatment to ensure a complete rehabilitation of the characteristics that grant a smile its natural and harmonious look. The treatment, far from being considered a standard procedure, is always performed while paying close attention to the patient’s personal needs, which vary from patient to patient, so as to offer as effective a treatment as possible. Indeed, such attention to a number of specific characteristics, including the condition of the teeth and the shape of the mouth, determines the quality of the final result.