The Terminal Dentition

3 April 2017

The Terminal Dentition is the last book of Dr. Leonello Biscaro, already translated and published in many [...]

Protect your health with quality dentistry!

19 January 2016

Our new 2016 advertising campaign focuses on a critical issue.

A dental clinic of excellence

The Biscaro Poggio dental clinic, located in Adria, near the city of Rovigo, is one of the most advanced clinics offering a complete service in the Veneto region. It provides first-class dental treatments such as advanced implantology, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, sedation, cosmetic dentistry, dental care and prevention. Because we know how a beautiful smile can change your life.

Understanding the patient’s needs, establishing a human connection, and using special sedation to ensure painless treatments are the cornerstones of our dental care service, always seeking to provide a lasting wellness to persons of any age, from children to seniors. Meticulous tests and extensive experience help us select the best materials for your treatment, be it all on four implants, fixed dental prostheses, invisible aligners or cosmetic treatments using ceramics.

What makes our dental clinic stand out is our team of first-rate specialists in every field of dental care. At the same time we have also been committed to continuous updating of our instruments and technologies, to keep up with the state of the art in our field.

All this allows us to offer our patients the most advanced and sophisticated care, from diagnosis to treatment and to follow-up assistance.

Particular attention is paid to children. Our clinic includes a pediatric dentistry department dedicated exclusively to the treatment of children, with games room, special equipment and instruments (used specifically for eliminating pain) and medical caregivers who are specialists not only in the type of treatment they perform but also in creating an empathic relationship with the child. We know that without the cooperation of our little patients we could hardly achieve the best results.
The need for  a structured prevention and treatment program for children led us to develop a special treatment protocol: the “Young Smiles Protocol“. 
Prevention, diagnostics, emergencies, functional problems, orthodontics, teeth maintenance: any aspect of treatment follows proven and specified procedures meant to accompany your child to adulthood with his or her smile always shining bright.